Me and POG
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Concert on March 7th in Lancaster, PA

The first thing I want to say is that I had a BLAST!!! It was one of the funnest nights in my life. I will never lose these memories.

O.k, here I go. My Mom, my two cousins (Tori and Holly), my friend (Veronica), and I found our parking spot a little after 4:30 p.m. Then we stayed in the car for a few minutes because it was sooooo cold outside. When we got in line I met my friend Kelli, who I had talked to over the Internet.
They finally opened th edoors at 6:30. We reserved 5 seats in the front row and I went to get the posters we wanted the ladies to sign. At the same time, my Mom got the backstahe passes.
At 7:00 we went to where we were to meet Point of Grace. After what seemed like an eternity, the 4 of them showed up and they let us in.
Terry was the first I met and I said hi and shedid the same in return as she signed the picture I had. She handed it bak to me and smiled. Denise was the next one I gave the picture to. Then I handed her the bag in which her necklace was in and told her Happy Birthday from the Point Of Grace Prayer Chain. She thanked me and then we hugged. She is very grateful for the prayers. She directly thanked me for that. I was able to see shelley next. I gave her a card from the 5 of us who were at the concert. It has a check for Mercy Ministries of America in it. She was grateful an signed the picture. As Shelley was doing that, I presented Heather with her belated birthday card from myself. She took at picture from Shelley and hugged me. After Heather signed the picture, my 2 cousins, my friend, and I got our picture taken with the 4 of them.
I stood around after that and took close-ups of the ladies while other people got pictures taken. Right before we had to leave, I aked them to sign a bigger poster for me. Terry asked me to put my hand under it as she signed her name. That was cool! We went back to our seats then, and the show started shortly afterwards.
They came out singing Jesus Is! A few songs from The Whole Truth and Point Of Grace were sung. The Great Divide and Gather At the River were from TWT and Faith, Hope and Love, Jesus Will Still Be There, and This Day were from POG. You Are The Answer, Keep The Candel Burning, Circle Of Friends, and Sing A Song and the ones from LLOM. From Steady on they sang Steady On, Saving Grace, Jesus Is, The Song Is Alive, Better Days, Who Am I?, Amazing, and My God.
They did the skit thing. At was toally funny! The Nice Girls and the Egyptions were my favorite ones! I laughed so hard! If you haven't seen this, you must. It is a great twist to the concert!
They had the audience sing the chorus to Jesus Will Still Be There. As we sang you could see the 4 of them worshiping the Lord. I think all of them had there eyes closed and where truly showing there love for God. That was really cool! That encouraed me a lot. When Heather talked about her trip to Rome and Greece God showed me a lot. I almost cryed then. The girls love God so much and aren't afaid to share it. Good for them!!!
Watermark was AWESOME! They both are so sweet! Chrisy's voice is awesome. I could see that they love the Lord too! I'm glad I got there autographa after the show. That was neato!
The ladies from POG sang Better Days last. Then POG and Watermark came out and sang Circle Of Friends! Heather and Denise sat on the edge of the stage, one on each side. Denise was right infront of me. We both smiled at each other about 3 times! I liked that part! Then it was over and me and my cousin Tori got in the autograph line.
When we got close to the front of the line, Watermark was there signing autographs. They are so sweet!
We finally got to the table and I told Denise I was back again and She said hello and asked me how to spell my name. Then she wrote To Lauren! Thanks for the prayers! on the top of the poster I had. That was neato! Then Shelley signed my poster and we said hello to each other. As Heather signed me poster I talk to her about Shana. Then I asked Terry to burp for me. (Those of you who read the Brio magazine know why I asked) She could not belive that was in a magazine. Heather held her noise and waved her hand infront of her face. The said "No, it stinks!" Terry said she would have burped for me, but she didn't have one at the moment. After all that, it was time to leave. I had a BLAST!!!!!

I took tons of pictures at the concert. I will have them up as soon as I can. You will be able to find them all right here. Thank you for reading!
God Bless!